Pencarrow House at yet a different time…

20190418_144927 copy.jpgWe’ve visited Pencarrow at slightly different times of the year, and it always pays as you see the grounds clad in different clothes as it were. This time it was mid April. Smart Classical house, still lived in by the family. No pics allowed inside.20190418_132718 copy.jpg20190418_144410 copy.jpgAfter our guided tour, with a knowledgeable guide, we decided to once more walk the whole perimeter of the grounds. This used to be a formal Italian garden, but now blends in with the rest of the park.20190418_144451 copy.jpgJust past these trees was the grotto which we hadn’t visited before….20190418_144959 copy.jpgFrances descending to the underworld….20190418_145026 copy.jpgNice views of the house itself on our walk…20190418_145107 copy.jpgMagnificent colours at this time of year….20190418_145231 copy.jpeg20190418_145247 copy.jpegI like the so-called Colonel’s garden with its water feature…20190418_145615 copy.jpgAfter the climb uphill we reach the prehistoric fort with its impressive remains and outline clearly visible…20190418_152102 copy.jpeg20190418_152345 copy.jpgYou then go down the ‘Cathedral’ walk which is particularly magnificent when the trees are leafless….20190418_152904 copy.jpg20190418_152910 copy.jpgThen through the glory of Pencarrow the almost mile-long avenue of Rhododendrons and Azaleas…they really are enormous and laden with flowers..20190418_153522 copy.jpeg20190418_153720 copy.jpegI like to examine individual booms as well……20190418_154124 copy.jpgYou don’t see notices like this in many places….20190418_154600 copy.jpgPencarrow is quite near to us and well-worth the visit. Still, at this time of year it is almost as nice, perhaps better, to be in our own garden which has now come into its own…20190421_102621 copy.jpg20190423_153320 copy.jpeg20190423_153326 copy.jpg20190423_153404 copy.jpg20190423_153430 copy.jpg20190423_153450 copy.jpg20190423_153504 copy.jpg20190423_153523 copy.jpgAnd when we have enjoyed that our local lanes are full of botanical interest. At the moment crammed with bluebells….20190430_172338 copy.jpg20190430_172433 copy.jpeg20190430_172604 copy.jpg20190424_165305 copy.jpgand wild garlic……20190430_173547-copy.jpg20190430_172846 copy.jpg20190430_172604 copy.jpg20190430_172851 copy.jpg20190430_175209 copy.jpgAmongst all the common roadside plants this single orchid stood out…..20190430_175344 copy.jpgand in parts there are still clumps of late primroses…..20190430_175519 copy.jpgAt  the village end of our walk we came across some white bluebells (!)….. 20190430_180133 copy.jpgand some p20190430_180405 copy.jpg

3 thoughts on “Pencarrow House at yet a different time…

  1. It’s always nice to stumble across a Cornish blog, especially as you’ve done what we did – retire to SE Cornwall. We’ve been here 3 years now and still love it. We have not made it to Pencarrow though; one day I hope! Lanhydrock is a regular haunt, with a magical evening walk through the bluebell woods last week. Still lovely even though they are almost over. Our lanes are still flooded with flowers, and talking of bluebells: are you sure of the white bluebell? Might it be the three-cornered leek? Best wishes!

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