6th May 2016…Lerryn

20160506_145332.jpgMay, and all is well in the garden. This is our view from the living room. As far as I can tell this is very much a Spring and early Summer garden, so we might make efforts to create visual enjoyment at other times of the year. The statues are interesting. There were more believe it or not, but these two were cemented down and so couldn’t easily be taken by the previous owner. We thought we might regard them as something akin to gnomes (which we hate), but we’ve grown to love them. What we don’t know is who exactly they are. We call them David and Ariadne….but probably not! We continue our investigations. Today a 20160506_172931.jpgvisit to Lerryn for a walk along the river and in the woods. A truly beautiful little place where everything rotates around the river, called Lerryn here in this creek but soon flowing into the River Fowey. The walk is delightful, but next time we must extend it a little to call at St Winnow’s which is an historic church located more or less on its own on the river…an idyllic situation. That walk can be found on the excellent IWalkCornwall site….The woods were painted with 20160506_170641.jpgswathes of ramsons. I’m pretty certain there will be woods around  here carpeted with bluebells too, something to look forward to next year. Another big plus for the village is that it has a terrific pub the Ship Inn, and is in the Independent’s ‘Top 50 Pubs of Great Britain’. What a great end to a lovely day.20160506_170718.jpg20160506_174239 2.jpg



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