Monday 9th May….More Reading

Unknown-7.jpegWell the date is Monday 9th May and no entries for the past couple of months because….we have been emptying boxes, visiting the tip, taking about 50+ boxes of books and miscellaneous items to BHF, planning our new kitchen, seeing workmen, suppliers, etc, getting the house in order and gardening to name just some things. Not a great deal of reading but as far as I can Unknown-2.jpegremember two large Rumpole Omnibuses (very very funny and very very good, they were certainly worth the re-read) and ‘Death Under A Tuscan Sun’ by Guitarri ex Head of Florence Police and a guy who knows what he is talking about (well hopefully anyway). I pushed Giuttari right from the start in ourUnknown-2.jpegbookshops and he has lived up to expectations up until now….this sadly wasn’t him at his best….the whole thing felt rather tired and lacklustre and badly put together. Apart from that I have tended to read things which help us explore our localunknown-1
area such as Simon Jenkins’ ‘Thousand Best Houses’ and ’Slow Cornwall’ , both like Mr Kipling, exceedingly good. In reality I have consulted dozens of books on Cornwall and things Cornish as, like anywhere we have lived, I have built up quite a library.

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