23rd August 2016…Black Rock cafe

20160823_100300.jpgInstead of our usual walk from Looe to Hannafore and back we decided today to go eastwards rather than west. So we ascended the very steep hill in East Looe until we got to a point where we had a very good view of the beach below. We then walked along the SW Coast Path passing some very swish houses on the way…this is obviously the better end of Looe!20160823_101741.jpg

After passing the little beach at Plaidy full of stored surfboards we went on to Black Rock beach at Millendreath where we discovered a valley site with many beach bungalows. Chatting to a lady there we found that these had been built as Miners’ holiday homes, but then sold and this site developed as a ‘holiday village’. All seemed well-kept and the area as a whole did not seem ‘spoilt’.


Anyway there is now a very well reviewed cafe there where we availed ourselves of coffees on this occasion. Great menu (‘artisan food’) and loads of people there on this fine day. The Black Rock Cafe  also has a marvellously sited bar to which we must return at the end of a boardwalk….


On the way back even sunnier with more fine views and when we got to the spot where we could see Looe beach again, how busy it was (just like Blackpool as we Northerners say).20160823_113000.jpg



Such a nice day when we got back that I decided to make a start on converting the 2 porcelain sinks I had bought in Devon the other week to tufa ones……20160823_174037 2.jpg

And, thank goodness our kitchen was finally finished this week, apart from the floor and putting up a blind maybe. Weeks of dust and hassle well worth it!


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