1-3rd October 2016…family visitors


Another welcome visit from daughter and grand daughter…always nice to see them of course, but as with any visitors it encourages you to get out and about…not that we need any encouragement, but I don’t think we would have visited Lappa Valley theme park and 20161001_125610.jpgzoo without grand daughter being here! Apart from adventure things there is a train which circuits the park, indoor things to do and some really lovely animals to see and pat…we really loved the shire horses and the Gloucester Old Spot pigs. Everything seemed healthy and well-cared for which is great to see. After the excitement of Lappa it was therapeutic to then traipse off to the sands and enjoy the things you


do at the sea-side including in this case exploring caves……


20161001_153715.jpgAnother day, another treat and I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a long time…we drove to Babbacombe and there visited the quite marvellous model village which is extensive and set in a bowl in the hills which is both lush and pretty.

20161002_121558.jpgNot only was it fascinating to see period details, and see working models in terms of trains, fire brigade action in putting out a fire to a thatched roof (!), but there was also opportunity to have a go yourself…I can’t wait to go again and was only sorry we couldn’t return in the evening to see the whole thing at night. I think the others enjoyed it too!

20161002_123554.jpgOn the way home Dartmouth wasn’t too much of a diversion and an opportunity to buy and have a picnic looking over the estuary. We used to own a fruit and veg shop ‘Crisp and Green’ here, and whenever we return I wonder why we left. But in truth we had bigger things in mind plus, when strolling along the harbour in the morning having bought my newspaper and dodging the shirt-sleeved holidaymakers, I could never make my mind up whether I was working or on holiday myself, a strange and unsettling feeling.20161002_142555 2.jpg

On the last day of the visit, we took Katherine and Aiisha on our short walk along the coastal path to the Black Rock cafe and beach. Short, but not short with a 3 year-old in tow. Anyway once more we enjoyed the delights of the seaside including an ice-cream of course.20161003_152256.jpg





Mind you it can all be a little tiring….


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