10th March 2017…fresh little fishes


For the first time we went to buy fish during the week in Looe and that meant that the fish supplier we have never found open on a Saturday (our food shopping day in Looe), was there. Simply Fish we found to be different from our usual fishmonger Pengelley’s in one important respect – we viewed the whole fish in the boxes they came in from the market earlier that day. That meant that it was as fresh as fresh could be. We chose a haddock and a plaice, and left them to be filleted while we went on our walk. When we returned not only were they ready, but the fishmonger had added two pieces of Pollack at no charge because he said he didn’t think the plaice was enough for a meal for the two of us. The cost was £7.50, cheap indeed. Amazing. I have nothing against Pengelley’s whose service has been amazing, but I have always thought that buying pre-prepared fillets is not as satisfactory – as you don’t know how old they are, and they might have been frozen before sale. So now we have an alternative.

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