14th February 2017…Valentine’s Day at the cinema

1200.jpgValentine’s Day. Because I had not had the opportunity of being on my own to buy a card (yet received one myself), I thought we better go out somewhere! We went to an afternoon showing of ‘Jackie’ at the Vue cinema in Plymouth about 40 minutes away. Terrific multiplex with, I think, 15 screens, so plenty of choice. ‘Jackie’ took us back to a time when optimism was in the air which was to be shattered by Kennedy’s assassination. The film was all about the one week after the event as seen from Jackie Kennedy’s point of view. A very brave and polished lady who loved her husband but couldn’t forgive his affairs, these mixed feelings were to point her in all kinds of directions after the death. Yet the overall feeling that remains with you (if you remember the times as we do), apart from sympathy for Jackie of course, is one of opportunity lost – of a Camelot that proved to be a chimera. I have a small bust of Kennedy in front of me as I write (picked up in the Kennedy Centre when we were there), and he is with Churchill, and Nelson one of my truly great heroes. Flawed all of them but great, great men. Meal afterwards in the adjoining Pizza Express (you always get a reasonable standard there, but that’s about it).

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