5th February 2017…from Mozart to PSmith

mozart-the-man-revealed-suchet-1472481907-list-handheld-0.pngFinished John Suchet’s ‘Mozart’. For one who knows nothing about music, but who loves biography, this was a really rewarding read. What a man, what a prodigy, and yet, as John shows, full of flaws and incomparably human. A driven soul, exploited by his family, and who dies tragically young, Mozart could dash off music at the drop of a hat. And we learn how and where all his great music was written, and the circumstances which were often fraught. Written in a very chatty style which was only occasionally annoying, I loved this book and am so glad I have found out so much more about Mozart which now enables even 51p5y6pIevL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgI to appreciate his music more. This weekend I also finished my very first P G Wodehouse – ‘Leave It To Psmith’. An instance where my son is ahead of me. Highly enjoyable for many reasons..the period charm, the characterisation, and the muted humour, I shall definitely want to read more Wodehouse.

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