5th April 2017…Lantic Bay


After dropping off two prints to be framed in Looe, as it was such a great day, we decided to explore two beaches which we had seen signs for on our bus trip to Polruan. After parking in the NT car park on top of the hill we then decided not to proceed to Lantivet as I was wearing my best shoes and didn’t fancy getting them dirty. Instead we drove along the coastal road to the next NT car park at Lantic Bay which seemed better for 20170405_142525.jpgwalking. What a treat! A short walk along an enclosed path by the side of the road with views of St Wyllow a church on our list to visit because of its setting, led us to the top of Pencarrow head. As soon as you are above the peninsula you can see Lantic Bay. This features in a walk on the splendid site IWalkCornwall. Here is what they say…. The crescent shape of Lantic Bay shelters it from the wind and its white, sandy beaches face south towards the sun. Within the bay, the main beach – Great Lantic Beach – is accessible via a flight of steps. At low tide, this joins to the other beaches in the bay – Little Lantic Beach on one side and some small coves on the other. As the tide comes in, these are cut off and there is no path up from them, so care should be taken in exploring them. We did the walk right around the headland, about 1 mile I suppose, and got brilliant views of the beaches plus far-flung views to East and West, Devon one way and Roseland Peninsula the other. They really were quite spectacular. There is a convenient bench, as so often, at the head and there we sat taking in the views for quite some time. We didn’t actually walk down the very steep path to the beach as F. felt we needed our walking sticks. On the way back we looked down on two boats moored near Little Lantic beach which was otherwise inaccessible. It must be really, really nice to have that freedom…one can but dream!20170405_133759.jpg20170405_140429.jpg

The drive home was through countryside that seemed remote and totally unspoilt (you sometimes don’t get this feeling in Cornwall), and was a lovely way to end the day.

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