3rd May 2017. Walk to Black Rock cafe….


I’ve written about the Black Rock cafe before….. today as we had either an hour or two hours before the bus back in Looe, we decided to use the two hours to walk across to Millendreath. It’s about 40 minutes each way, leaving half an hour for a cup of coffee, so just right. We got lovely views of Looe on the way and once again we didn’t tire of imagining what it would be like to own one of the many expensive houses on the route….


We had a nice chat with the cafe owner, and he told us that they would be closed for a few days soon to revamp the kitchen. He showed us the various menus which looked terrific and good value…they specialise in fish, so we will go for a meal soon. The new bar which overlooks the beach was also an enticement. It really is a nice spot and right on the beach.


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