25th to 29th May 2017…Visit of Katherine and Aiisha


One of those visits when we were more or less lucky with the weather. On the first day we experimented with our new buy…a £9.99 beach tent from Trago Mills, and we had a picnic in the garden…a real success.


A last minute look at the weather reports on the Thursday morning encouraged us to go to St Ives..just over £6 each on the train, a real bargain. What fantastic weather!



20170526_133659_005 2.jpg

Can this really be England in May? Well, yes. And if we didn’t like it as busy as this, we could always go beyond Hayle (in the distance) to the miles of deserted sands there. But we were here for fun, and the sea was (just about) warm enough for games…..


Katherine treated us to lunch in our favourite Porthmeor cafe, and then when more sustenance was needed she took the little one to the downstairs section which this pic seems to show she enjoyed.


Everyone caught the sun. As good as days can be in my opinion! Katherine was down for work and so we drove across to Penryn on the Friday where her meeting was, and visited the SeaSalt seconds shop whilst there. We took our tent for a try-out to Gyllngvase beach Falmouth, and despite (or because of) slightly windy conditions it did the job and gained admiring comments. We also made a mental note that the Gylly beach cafe was well worth a visit. We also scouted out the soft play location at Raze The Roof in Penryn. So, on Saturday when her main meeting took place we went with Aiisha to the soft play. We were first there at 10am, but not the first to leave as we were still there at 2pm (something of a record). Aiisha made a couple of friends human and unspeaking too (enter Bob The Builder)…..


All in all a lovely few days.


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