Monday 16th October..visit of our London friends Malcolm and Ann


Malcolm and Ann’s longish visit gave us yet another opportunity and excuse (not that we really need any) to get out and about in this wonderful part of the world. After they had made themselves at home and had a cup of tea, we showed them our immediate locality..

So, first to St Keyne’s Well, then to show them progress (or lack of it) in re-developing our local Hotel, next to view the marvellously-named local station,


then to Duloe to examine our mini stone circle and the medieval church with its leaning tower..



Inside we looked at the Norman font and the Coleshull chantry chapel which was added to the north of the chancel and is one of the glories of Cornish church architecture. A rood screen was added between nave and chancel, and the chapel was provided with a parclose screen. The chapel still contains the tomb with recumbent effigy of Sir John Coleshull,


for whose soul the masses celebrated in this chantry chapel were intended to intercede.  However, worthy Sir John no longer gazes up into the eyes of an angel (an otherwise unexplained corbel below the arch between chancel and chapel where the tomb was designed to stand).  The arch is carved with vines and grapes, crowned roses, angels, family coats of arms, tiny statue niches and even an upside down green man. The slate monuments were also fascinating and very well done.

After a brief look at some of the interesting gravestones outside, we decamped to Looe and Hannafore point to show Malcolm and Ann how lucky we are to live nearby. Whilst there we pointed out the banjo pier built by local bigwig Joseph Thomas which has been replicated over the world…then home for Lancashire hotpot!


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