Mon 23rd October….a cruise along the Fal river…..


By train to Truro where we then headed to the Fal River Offices to book on a trip down the river to Falmouth. As usual, the tide was out so we had to take the boat from just outside the Heron Inn at Malpas. No problem this (although it would be nice one day to sail from Truro itself) as it involves a pretty trip by bus along the beautiful riverside park at Boscawen and then along the creek to Malpas. The Heron Inn is great but we had no time for a quick pint there as our boat soon arrived.


Although the day was far from sunny, it detracted only a little from our enjoyment, as the scenery is spectacular, very reminiscent for us of the Dart where we used to live…….




ancient woodlands of sessile oak, herons and other wildlife, creekside villages, oystercatchers at work (men as well as birds!) and the Duchy oyster beds themselves.



As we neared Falmouth we came across three very large freight ships (not uncommon up the creeks in Cornwall) which we were told carried bananas but were laid up for some months…20171023_142044.jpg

and then nearing journeys end we could see all the activity in Falmouth docks, an always busy yard, with its super yachts and naval vessels.

P1000480 2.jpeg

A late lunch in Pizza Express with its sweeping views of the estuary meant that we were too late to visit the National Maritime Museum  It therefore awaits our next visit, which won’t be too long away as, of all the towns in Cornwall, Falmouth is probably our favourite……




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