Enjoying Cornwall….in 2018


Well, having weighed up our time so far, we have managed to do an enormous amount of walking, visiting houses and gardens, visiting favourite locations, finding lots of beaches, and lots of reading too. So that’s the formula we want to continue….there is so much to do, so many places we haven’t been yet. At the start of the year it has been quite wet but there are always opportunities to get out…..in 10 minutes (or half an hour on the bus) we can be at Hannafore and do our regular walk above…..even when there is a high tide and it is raining it is still something we like to do. Today 9th January it was the highest tide we have seen so far…rough seas and the water creeping high up onto Looe bridge….




Over the weekend we  decided to look into the Morval Estate which is in between us and Looe……a negative notice at the start, but it is a private estate after all!


We were hoping to do a round walk via St Martin’s church (which is Looe’s church but high on the hill out of Looe). However, the terrain which is laid out for pheasant shooting purposes, defeated us unless we wanted to take pot luck on various tracks (which owing to the mud we didn’t!). We must approach the estate another time and visit the old fifteenth century church attached to the manor – St Wenna’s  and have a look at least at the outside of the house itself.

Our local walks around ‘our’ lanes have continued…..the hotel at the bottom of the hill is still not open despite looking to have undergone a superb restoration. And we are starting to see signs of growth….snowdrops peeping up near St Keyne’s Well and we did see the very first primrose in the hedgerows in the first week of January…which isn’t bad going. Fine growth in our own garden with daffodils and other bulbs making themselves visible – much to look forward to (as long as we keep on top of the bamboo!).

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