Time for…….bluebells… a walk in the woods in the middle of May

20180514_163608_001.jpgThe bluebell has many names: English bluebell, wild hyacinth, wood bell, bell bottle, Cuckoo’s Boots, Wood Hyacinth, Lady’s Nightcap and Witches’ Thimbles, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, according to the NT and amazingly (to me) almost half the world’s bluebells are found in the UK, they’re relatively rare in the rest of the world. So, we look forward to seeing them. We’ve noticed them gradually replacing the primroses in our lanes, so we  thought high time to visit our local bluebell wood.

We set off on our walk in Treworgey which is a charming but strange village, seemingly owned by one holiday company, one family in fact, with lovely riding stables, animal compounds, a rural play park and pretty cottages and houses. It doesn’t appear there is a single dwelling that isn’t a holiday cottage, and yet it still feels like a traditional untouched village.

Anyway, a beautiful spot, beautiful day (hotter than Ibiza apparently), and……. 20180514_160234.jpgwe were soon climbing out of the valley up a lane full of wild flowers20180514_161401.jpg20180514_160347.jpg20180514_160517.jpgand with a super high hedge….20180514_160436.jpggood views back towards the sea….20180514_160722.jpgand reaching Tredinnick a very pretty hamlet indeed.20180514_161422.jpg20180514_161705.jpgacross a couple of fields then hugely busy with ploughing tractors, we entered the woods, to be greeted by sweeping vistas as far as the eye could see of wild garlic and bluebells….20180514_163521.jpg20180514_163608_001.jpg20180514_163659.jpg20180514_163738.jpg20180514_163820.jpg20180514_163828_001.jpg20180514_164406.jpg20180514_165205.jpg20180514_164330.jpgA new camera, well mobile Samsung S7, which I haven’t quite got the hang of, so with huge contrasts of light and shade in the woods I wasn’t able to get the pics which the walk deserved. On emerging into the daylight on our way back to Treworgey we had distant views of the River Looe and the deep blue sea (not quite ‘wine-dark’, but still an impressive colour.20180514_170018.jpgSeeing a rather beautiful horse chestnut F was reminded of a verse which she composed as an eight year old…..20180514_170210.jpgThe chestnut tree has fingers five,                                                                                                 and near these hands some candles thrive,                                                                                    the candle flames are pink or white,                                                                                                    and dance so prettily in the light

Well I thought it was Keats anyhow….Treworgey had rather a spectacular rhododendron as we re-entered…20180514_170634.jpgA lovely spur-of-the- moment walk late on a May afternoon…very worthwhile.

Our garden is becoming more colourful by the day too…..20180513_133315.jpg20180513_133331.jpg20180513_133359.jpg20180513_110513.jpg20180513_133423.jpg20180513_133414.jpg

Home-made fish pie for tea…white wine obligatory!20180513_135443.jpg


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