Secret Gardens in Fowey…May Festival

20180518_143919.jpgAs part of Fowey Festival some local owners open their gardens to the public on a couple of days. This year there were a lot less gardens but different ones from last, so off we went. Luckily for us we managed to park in the street for free. On our way into town where we usually park they had been re-surfacing the road for quite a long stretch, with plenty of ‘No Parking’ signs. However one idiot had left his car in the middle of all this so that the car and its surrounds were ‘unmade’. Ah well. Wherever you park it’s a steep descent on foot into town.20180518_122640.jpg20180518_122559.jpgOur first destination was The Royal Fowey Yacht Club. We aren’t members but during the Festival the Waterstones Bookshop and Booking Office are there and you are made welcome. We had fish and chips and a nice glass of Pinot Grigio. A great facility and it must be nice to be a member. Patron the Duke of Edinburgh.20180518_135629.jpg20180518_123737_001.jpgThis is their yard…nice and tidy.20180518_135624.jpgAfter lunch we decided to do our usual stroll through town before visiting any gardens, always a nice experience and interesting to see what’s going on. A posh restaurant with rooms closed (so difficult to last), and a restaurant that we thought was doing well, still not re-opened.20180518_141558.jpgWe liked the hawk kite attached to one roof to scare off the seagulls…20180518_141422.jpg20180518_141744.jpg20180518_141954.jpg20180518_142323.jpgThe Old Grammar School Gardens (which very few seem to visit) was as delightful as usual20180518_143027.jpgand we spent some time sitting there enjoying the view, and marvelling at the friendliness of the robin..20180518_144311.jpg20180518_143155.jpg20180518_144559_011.jpgTwo of the gardens were near each other on a street we hadn’t really visited before, probably because it is a dead end – St Fimbarrus Road. It really was a lovely terrace of Victorian buildings. Wrought iron balconies on a lot, with just a few ‘modernised’ apparently without authorisation, according to one of the owners. image-0-1024x1024.jpgAgain fantastic views, and it was great to relax after climbing the steep path, and talk to one pair of owners on their top terrace.20180518_145517.jpg20180518_145117.jpg20180518_151020.jpgAt the other house on St Finbarrus Road we were encouraged to go inside (love the rack of hats), and view the art of the daughter of the family Jane Cooper of Bristol. She spends half of her life in the mountains all over the world. She was even the first ascender of one mountain and got to name it after her mother – quite a feat!20180518_151709_001.jpgI just absolutely loved this oil of Snowdonia…..outside our reach unfortunately at £800+ and apparently I am told we have no wall space….lightboximage_2113.jpg20180518_153103.jpgOn leaving Fowey on our way to The Duchy Garden Centre, the lanes were a glorious green, or else absolutely saturated with the white pink and blue of wildflowers…20180518_155114.jpg

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