Dartmouth on a Rainy Day……12th September


F. had a jacket which we bought last time we were in Dartmouth and was faulty, so we decided another trip there would be good. We went a different way than normal, cutting across country from Avonwick and alongside the beautiful River Avon. We were lucky to find the only free parking space in Dartmouth although it did mean a bit of a trek into town. The business with the jacket was soon done…a replacement offered, no questions, terrific service, just as it should be if shops are to survive. Three cheers for The Crew Clothing Company.Although the day was overcast and mizzly it still didn’t detract from the loveliness of the town. Shown is the Lower Ferry busy as ever……20180912_125322.jpgAnd, over the road, the Dartmouth Yacht Club where we were hoping to have lunch…a brilliant place – but unfortunately the restaurant above was closed today. After looking at many possibilities we opted for sit-down fish ‘n chips which was fine. 20180912_125333.jpgWe then did our usual walkabout…Fosse Street looking one way…20180912_141246.jpgand then the other with Simon Drew’s latest edition of a giraffe poking out into the street…20180912_141446.jpgWe decided to return via yet another route. We drove as far as we could towards Slapton Ley where Storm Emma in March had destroyed the road which sits precariously between the sea and the lake. Interesting video clip on Devon Live! And we could get as far as the private beach which we had visited a few times when living down here – Blackpool Sands. Lovely to go when no-one around….whatever the weather.20180912_152811.jpg20180912_152941.jpg20180912_152752.jpg20180912_152948.jpgCutting inland from there we first of all passed a pretty group of cottages where I just had to stop and take a photo….20180912_154004.jpgand then went via very devious roads where sometimes the signposts were missing, or perhaps pointing the wrong way. Quite an adventurous little trip.

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