A rainy day in Cornwall….

David and Jennifer over for a fleeting visit, and pouring with rain. What to do? Eden proved the answer. We have resisted going there during the period we have lived down here because it seems so expensive. But by getting a locals’ card and paying by DD we got it down to a reasonable amount and we can go as many times as we want in the next year. It has grown a lot since we last visited on one of our many holidays down here but nevertheless there are 3 main areas…the rainforest, the Mediterranean and the outdoor gardens.

20181208_141318.jpegWe started out in the rainforest which goes from one type of rainforest to another – Tropical Islands, Southeast Asia, West Africa and Tropical South America in sequence as you ascend the long route through the biome. And this is the world’s largest indoor rainforest so it is quite spectacular. 20181208_142114.jpeg20181208_142436.jpeg20181208_142646.jpegThe Malaysian house I always find interesting as it comes complete with vegetable plots and paddy field……20181208_142852.jpegThe pineapple ginger’s flower is amazing….20181208_142902.jpegBut then so are lots of things including the stupendous foliage…20181208_143142.jpg20181208_150826.jpg20181208_143237.jpegThe Miracle fruit below is grown largely in Ghana and produces a protein which acts as a defence against pathogenic organisms. It is 2000 times sweeter than sucrose and has the remarkable effect that, when eaten, it causes sour foods (such as lemons and limes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet…….20181208_143401.jpegPlenty of special effects such as mist and rain…..20181208_143923.jpgThe rope bridge is an interesting experience as, once over to the other side, I felt all the hard surfaces underfoot wobbling for some time afterwards. Like being on a rolling ship and coming ashore I suppose.20181208_144148.jpg20181208_144330One fantastic addition since last time is the aerial walkway which leads to a viewing platform. After reading all the warning notices about people with heart conditions (me) and fear of heights (me), I left the queue and am rather glad I did. David confirmed it would not have been for me! D and J enjoyed the views from on high….20181208_145008.jpeg20181208_145149.jpegThe banana production unit is great….20181208_150005.jpgand good to see the Baobab trees….20181208_145635.jpgand drink their bounty….20181208_150310.jpgNear here there were some very friendly and quite lovely roul-roul partridges …..20181208_150623.jpegand shortly afterwards amazing orchids….20181208_150637.jpg20181208_150643.jpeg20181208_150724.jpgand one very unusual powder-puff bloom as we reached the lower levels again…..20181208_150936.jpgWe did visit the Med but probably better in Spring/Summer when we shall return….and talking of returning we did return just 2 days afterwards in the evening for the so-called shadows and light experience (it being Christmas). I do have to say after seeng terrific displays of lights in Edinburgh last Christmas this was surprisingly very disappointing – very low key, and mirrored by the rather amateurish bands….Eden should seek out Edinburgh Botanical gardens for advice on how to do a light show really well. 20181214_173108.jpg

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