Sunday 17th January 2016…’Carol’

Unknown-7.jpegWarwick Arts Centre to see the film ’Carol’ of which I’d read such good reviews, touting it as the new ‘Casablanca’ for instance, an oldie which always has me in tears. So, having stocked up on paper tissues, and fortified ourselves, in we went. What a unknown-6disappointing film. Typically American, over-emotive, and with the usual uncalled-for happy ending. Why do they do that? It was very slow indeed….I suppose we were supposed to appreciate the atmosphere, but it was all just too mechanical, too stereotyped, too wooden. Complete waste of time for me. (F liked it rather better, but not much I think).

In a couple of days I read ’Death On The Cherwell’ a new series of re-issues by the British Library…..this one was first published in 1935. I chose it for the cover reallyunknown-5 (like a lot of our customers?!), two charming girls in period dress in a punt. Like many covers it only reflects the story inside very loosely, and I have always found this strange. Are cover designers given a completely free hand? Do they not read the story? Is it just seen as a marketing tool? All a bit annoying. Anyhow, the book reflected its period, lots of taking tea, prejudice against women, fast cars, loopy dons and so on. Hardly much of a plot at all really, and what there was was soon very transparent, but nevertheless atmospheric and quite enjoyable for that reason.

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