Tuesday 15th March 2016…Polperro

20160315_113155.jpgWe’ve been having absolutely incredible weather for March – sunny and warm. So today we did what we said we would do more of when we moved down to Cornwall, and used our old persons’ bus passes to jump on the bus in St Keyne and take it to Polperro which we hadn’t visited since before we were married (so that’s quite a long time ago). The bus journey was really lovely…..the first bit of countryside from here to Looe was all ups and downs, deep gorges heavily wooded and with beautiful views (which I could enjoy since I wasn’t driving). We then followed the river into Looe as it broadened into an estuary. This was the first time we had come along this road with the tide in, so instead of mud flats we had mediterranean blue-green sea sparkling in the sunshine. In Looe we crossed over the medieval bridge and then went along the seaward side of West Looe to Hannafore Point, an exceptionally nice route, before we doubled back and climbed out of the town to the Polperro road. In 15 minutes we disembarked at the Crumplehorn inn and walked into the village (when we were here in an earlier life we remember driving in in our little Mini, but you can’t use the car beyond the inn nowadays). Polperro is not 20160315_1148371.jpgonly picturesque, but a proper Cornish fishing village, a working port as well as a great tourist attraction. Because Easter is at hand everyone seemed very busy painting and tittyfying ready for the influx, and many shops and cafes were closed. Having walked to the harbour across the Roman bridge (must look that up), we proceeded up the cliff path to the old Net Loft and sat in various locations, the best being the Net Loft itself a white hut which had attracted the sunlight so much it was actually warming…sitting there in the sun with a view of nothing but the sea was so nice.


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