2nd April 2016…More Family Visitors

20160402_181609.jpgNow it’s the turn of my daughter, son-in-law, and gorgeous grand daughter to visit, and you can still enjoy our beaches on a non-sunny day. Beach combing is such a pleasure, especially when you are young20160402_181932.jpg! It does all get a bit 20160402_181942.jpgmuch at times though….We now seem to have got into the habit of taking our visitors to The Talland Bay..you always get a nice welcome, the food is good and reasonably-priced, and there’s plenty to keep you occupied whatever your age…and preaching to the budgerigars can be fun……

20160403_143716.jpgBut who’s this?20160403_143924.jpg



We will come here one day with summer visitors, and enjoy the gardens and views more, plus it’s only 5 minutes walk to a rather nice little beach.

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