3rd June 2016…by bus to Padstow


F’s sister Judy was over from Barcelona for a short visit just to see our nice home. So today 20160603_133834.jpgwe took her on one of our favourite bus trips to Padstow. Lucky with the weather, we had lunch at Rick Stein’s fish n’ chips (with which Judy was very impressed), had a wander around the harbour and shops (including the high-quality fresh fish shop pictured), and then took the ferry across to Rock where we strolled along the beach to our heart’s content, and then sat basking in the sun. Padstow and Rock are on opposite sides of the Camel estuary, and 20160603_134801.jpgdepending whether the tide is in or out, the estuary is one vast expanse of sand and sand 20160603_134807.jpg





banks and is quite a sight, or sea-filled. We saw both during our trip. Lots of holiday makers but the beaches were still not crowded…20160603_140737.jpg

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