6th June 2016…acrophobia near Polperro


Bus to Polperro today, and a short walk Westwards on the SW Coast Path, coming back along a slightly higher route. What we find absolutely astonishing is the change in wild flowers we see as the seasons change. We do sometimes stop and try to identify what we see, but it’s all invariably forgotten soon after I’m afraid! Still it’s the experience that you do remember. The route on the way back wasn’t clear in some parts and at one point we had to stop and reverse as I had reached a place where my acrophobia took over….the SW Path can be quite exposed in places, as I had found in the past.20160606_160247.jpg As you can see, Polperro itself is steeply fitted on its cliff faces. The large wall you see was built by NT volunteers…a really splendid example of their work.20160606_172054.jpg


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