6th August 2016…Falmouth


If visiting Falmouth by car we try to park (free) on the outskirts of Kimberley Park, which makes a nice start as I don’t like paying for parking unless I have to, and the park is a delight to walk though on the way to town. Falmouth is a great place for independent shops, art studios, restaurants and much else. This time we walked up High Street, a steep 20160806_142844.jpghill given more to antique shops, and lunched at The Star and Garter. This is a terrific eatery and we bagged a table by one of the windows for extensive views of the estuary (Falmouth is the third largest natural deep-water harbour after only Rio and Sydney). In fact wherever you are in Falmouth you have views of the sea. It is built for the sea….When packet ships left Falmouth, it became the place to go ‘for orders’. ‘Falmouth for Orders’ coincided with the arrival of the railway and the docks. Ships would call in at Falmouth to find out where to take their cargoes to get the best prices. In 20160806_131102.jpg1881 Falmouth was a cosmopolitan place. So many languages were spoken that there was a resident interpreter. Quay punts serviced the ships, taking out outfitters to measure up crews for new clothes etc. Other working boats included oyster punts’. On other occasions we have visited The National Maritime Museum a really splendid place, the equal of any London museum. And on past holidays we have taken the ferry from Falmouth to St Mawes something we must do again soon…..

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