11th/12th Septembern 2016…across to London

20160911_153843 2.jpg

A long weekend in London, and we went with David and Jennifer to Richmond. The site of Richmond Palace was particularly interesting to me as I was in the middle of reading Wolf Hall again and it was of course the favourite palace of most of the Tudors. Some lovely bijou houses around there as well..


Then a stroll along the Thames and an ice-creambrought a lovely day out to a close…



The following day was mainly a day of window shopping in central London, which I love to do as the window displays themselves are so much better than you find anywhere else. We were particularly taken with the windows of Selfridges and their Shakespearian theme..how imaginative they were. And I can never think of Selfridges without thinking back to the biography of the original Mr Selfridge, and the times when, bankrupt, and having been kicked off the Board of the retail empire he founded and built, he used to shuffle past the London store in his old clothes and look longingly at the windows himself. How are the mighty fallen………..


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