7th September 2016…picnic at Padstow

20160907_122727 2.jpg

More painting the last few days must call for a reward, and this time it’s a day in Padstow with a picnic. We walked this time Westwards from the town towards the bay entrance and found ourselves a nice quiet little picnic spot. Having added to our little feast with some pastries from Rick Stein’s in town, we were well set for an enjoyable lunch al fresco…

20160907_123019 2.jpg

And,of course, the further you walk the fewer people there are generally speaking. In fact the sands are so extensive on both sides of the estuary at Padstow that you can always find a quiet spot. Here F. is looking towards the old life-boat station where there is apparently a lovely afternoon tea rooms…and not a person to be seen as you can see…

20160907_132913 2.jpg

On the way back looking towards where the ferry operates between Padstow and Rock, you can see how the estuary will virtually become all golden sand at low tide…..here the tide is about half-way out. A brilliant painting-free day…….must be repeated.

20160907_135350 2.jpg



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