Herodsfoot…a Thankful Village


Herodsfoot is just over a mile from where we live and we have driven through it and walked through the woods to it. It is a lovely tranquil little place set around its stream and surrounded by hills and woods with its church on the upper slopes looking very Swiss. It is a Thankful Village and an interesting article on the BBC site tells us this means it is one of a tiny handful of settlements (53 in fact) where all those who served returned home after the First World War. But Herodsfoot was even luckier, if luck it be, in that it is 2428018_39eb3101.jpga Doubly Thankful village, one of only 14 places in the UK where all survived the Second World War too. There is a memorial on the green…..The inscription is as follows….
(On the shaft)
The parish of Herodsfoot erected this memorial to the following men in gratitude for their services in the Great War 1914-1919
(On the base, the following names)
J Body . . C Honey
J Bunney . . A Kitt
S Cross . . H Medlen
JH Doney . . C Parker
RJ Doney . . H Somerset
W Hoar . . P Trengrove
WH Turner
(beneath the names as an addition)
In memory of all who served in 1939-1945.

See also an article on-line for some background to these villages., and the results of detailed research to see whether the evidence for no deaths for particular villages is confirmed. There appears to be no doubt as to the valid claim of Herodsfoot to be a Doubly Thankful Village.

P1030612.jpegOur friends Julia and Allan live in Meldon, Northumberland, another village about which there appears to be no doubt as to its validity as a Thankful Village. There is a memorial stone there….but this is at the school house which is now a private house and so the stone is not publicly accessible. However Allan, who is a retired Art teacher and jeweller, has designed aScreen shot 2016-03-06 at 23.40.54.png new memorial plaque for the church in Meldon. A lovely thing to do as it is really important that we remember the lucky few at the same time as we commemorate the horrors of the two wars. I shall look forward to seeing it when we are next up there.

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