Stalwart Brits….


Today I had booked train tickets to Truro in order to go on the highlights tour of the Royal Cornwall Museum. The local weather forecast was a few light showers of snow which would disappear. When we arrived, however, we found Truro virtually deserted and quite a lot of places closed. Indeed the notice in this shop window seemed to  imply that we were somewhere in the Arctic Circle. I am 68 years old and I have never in my life allowed snow to stop me doing anything or going anywhere. When we had our greengrocers shop in Dartmouth and we did have really bad snow one year I still managed to walk across a few fields at hedgehop height, and a few miles in, to make sure we were open. So to see all the fuss whenever we have just the teeniest weensiest bit of snow just bemuses me. It really does…….


So, we arrived at the Museum to be told that they were closing in twenty minutes due to the adverse weather conditions to ensure staff got home safely. Unbelievable! Their cafe, which adjoins, was staying open as presumably the staff were braver there. After a very cursory look round…at a few of their exhibits and couple of their more well-known pictures..



off we had to go….to Waterstones which was staying open, come what may, I am really glad to say. After we had exhausted the possibilities there, with three new books in hand, we tootled off to the station to catch our train home (all trains on time….). What a disappointing day. How feeble some of us are!

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