Seeing the wildlife here in SE Cornwall…

Without really thinking about it we see quite a bit of wildlife here. Let’s start with our garden ….what have we seen at the bird table or elsewhere in the garden?…..Wrens, Goldcrest, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Robins, Dunnock, Sparrows, Greenfinch, Starlings, Bullfinch, Rooks, Crows, Blackbirds, Nuthatch, Wood Pigeons, Magpies….. plus the odd squirrel and not forgetting the Charolais cattle in the field behind us, and sheep. On our walks from the front door we can add kestrels and buzzards and pheasant and partridge and swallows or swifts. Plus the sound of a woodpecker.


Then on our regular walks at Hannafore and Looe, and along the river, we can add the seabirds….Turnstones, Oystercatchers, Dippers, Grey Heron, Mallards, Canada Geese, Mute Swans, Herring Gulls, Common Gulls, Great Black-backed Gulls, Cormorants (below), 20170224_163236.jpg

Shags, and White Egrets. In the meadow at the end of Hannafore we have seen and heard Skylarks. Plus we have seen bubbling shoals of Sea Bass and the odd flat fish, maybe a Sole, in the river at Looe. And seals at Looe and elsewhere. Also foxes and water rats.

So we really are lucky indeed….and we will hopefully continue to learn more as we make use of our retirement.


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