Enjoying our garden…..and some others Sunday 6th May

20180506_134642.jpgWhen you have lunch in such a colourful setting, it’s hard to leave…20180506_145725.jpgBut we had decided to visit two local gardens in Liskeard which were open in the NGS scheme  We’d passed them many many times but it was interesting to see what was behind the garden gates..20180507_142103.jpgThe views from the gardens were beautiful too here looking towards a Brunel viaduct…20180507_142409.jpg  another pic for my ‘Signs’ folder…20180507_142703.jpgand in one garden the armillary sphere reminded us of our empty plinth…20180507_143148.jpgand outside the garden is one of our local milestones. There is a site that records milestones I must make sure our local ones are on it….20180507_143405.jpg

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