A lovely Wedding Anniversary…

20180531_151532.jpgFor the first time, after taking the bus to Padstow, we boarded the waiting, so-called Atlantic Coaster which runs a magnificent route from Padstow to Newquay. It’s a double-decker and we were the only people on it for some time (apart from the driver of course). 20180531_153534.jpgOur destination was Jamie’s Fifteen at Watergate Bay. During the journey we had a bird’s eye view of some pretty houses……20180531_114123.jpg…beautiful countryside20180531_114155.jpg20180531_114530.jpgand, of course, some great beaches…20180531_121208.jpg20180531_114847.jpg20180531_114656.jpg20180531_122409.jpg20180531_122419.jpguntil we reached our destination. Although it might look cloudy the day was incredibly hot for May and all the beaches were being well-used, particularly as some children were still on half-term. Anyway here is our firs view of Jamies’ and the inside was very very nice indeed…20180531_125440.jpg20180531_130017.jpgespecially when we had ensconced ourselves at the bar….with a bottle of good iced Rose..20180531_130110.jpgOn the bus I had phoned ahead and ascertained that because everywhere was so busy because of the residual half-term (which I hadn’t taken into account), there was no table available for lunch but that we could sit at the bar and eat. We have always enjoyed ourselves before when doing this, as you are close to the action….and this time proved no exception.20180531_133011.jpgOur meal was absolutely delicious, the service good and friendly, the atmosphere terrific and the views sensational. I cannot think of anywhere that would have been better to celebrate our Anniversary…it was great.20180531_130139.jpg20180531_134315.jpgThe food? F. plumped for pork cheek and I had the hake. With this we had side dishes of asparagus and an Italian fried lettuce dish with raisins and pine nuts which was absolutely scrumptious – and unusual. Pudding…. a coffee/chocolate semi-fredo and treacle tart (each shared). The whole thing cost just over £80 but including a £24 bottle of wine it was a winner all the way. And I think the original philosophy behind the Fifteen ventures – basing a gourmet restaurant on training disadvantaged young people to work in the hospitality industry – still stands. Despite his recent troubles, Jamie remains a very successful entrepreneur and campaigner. He deserves all the success he can get.20180531_131700.jpgSated and very satisfied, we made our way down to the beach in order to meet our daily steps target! Hugely busy at the entrance end of the beach……..20180531_150829.jpg20180531_150836.jpg and with a large number of learner surfers…20180531_143738.jpg….once we got away from the crowds…20180531_143509.jpgwe had the beach literally to ourselves….incredible.20180531_144905.jpg20180531_145602.jpgAll we had to do then was lay on the grass (top) and wait for our bus(es) home….a lovely, lovely day.


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