At home…in May

20180528_183144.jpgTrue, David is looking a little worse for wear, but we still feel the need to protect him from the sun we have been having. The flowering continues apace, blooms much better than last year, and the front garden in particular is bright….20180525_153428.jpg….full of colour and luscious20180525_153444.jpgwhilst in the back garden this Rhododendron, outside our bedroom window, hardly flowered at all last year but just look at it now….20180525_153508.jpg20180525_153525.jpgand again these cream and orange azaleas were nothing last year….20180525_153604.jpgditto this pale Rhododendron….20180525_153626.jpgand staying on our local lanes there is always something to photo….20180527_125824.jpg20180527_131205.jpg20180527_133527.jpgand talk to!20180523_102637.jpgWhile fifteen minutes away from us at the end of Hannafore we discovered a new information board which told more of the remains of the Lammana Chapel, on the hillside built on the site of a sixth century Celtic chapel with a monk’s cell attached. This replaced a medieval chapel on St George’s Island, just offshore. The island was a popular place for pilgrimages in those times; but so many people drowned trying to reach it that the Lammana Chapel was built instead. The chapel was Benedictine, belonging to Glastonbury Abbey until sometime before the fourteenth century, when it was recorded as a private chantry chapel belonging to the local Dawnay family. It was demolished in 1549 in Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries.Right by the information board, and not on the hillside, is what is thought to be the remains of ‘a monks’ house’ now incorporated into a garden wall….something which despite passing it a few times we had been unaware of. So, thank you new information board.20180526_114938.jpg

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