A Saturday trip to Polperro…..Aug 2018

20180818_165257.jpgJennifer and David not having been to Polperro, off we went on the bus. First stop salted caramel ice creams (seems to be the in-flavour). Reminded me of when we sold ice creams in York with Top Gold the very best. It was always enjoyable selling ice creams as you knew you were giving pleasure.20180818_171059.jpgThen up to the cliffs where the fishermen’s net drying hut is…views over the harbour…20180818_171143.jpg20180818_171235.jpgand a bit of rock climbing for some…20180818_172055.jpg20180818_172118.jpg20180818_172118 2.jpgD + J didn’t quite get to the very top as this little lad did….20180818_171855.jpgWe popped over to the other side of the little town to see the shell house, 8452718585_d669cd6e97_b.jpg

20180818_174022.jpgand then caught a 72 double-decker, brand-new, to Looe where we were booked into the Old Sardine Factory for dinner….cropped-sf-new-cover-1.jpgand really good it was too. I can safely say that the hake main course was one of the very best fish dishes I had ever had…..The Old Sardine Factory with its cafe and resource centre and restaurant must be one of the best additions to Looe in a long while….and finally I was able to test my mobile phone camera in low light and the results were terrific…it was dark, but the resulting photos came out nicely exposed.20180818_211007.jpg20180818_211029.jpg

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