SW Coast Path – Polkerris to Carlyon Bay…. 31st August 2018

20180831_125322.jpgAnother short section for me, just over 4 miles. Not exactly the most scenic bit of the path but beautiful in parts and interesting….F. dropped me off at Polkerris where I walked down hill virtually onto the beach which was busyish even halfway through the morning. Last chance before schools go back for a lot of people. I then climbed away from the beach with its shouts and laughter to look ahead to the Western arm of Carlyon Bay. When the sun was out (most of the time) quite reminiscent of the Med.20180831_125513.jpgSteps helped climb the hill….the volunteers who do these things are amazing.20180831_125627.jpgAnd, after about a mile with good views ahead….. 20180831_130105.jpgI spied what looked like a deserted beach to which I descended for the sheer pleasure of being on a beach on my own in August. Amazing!20180831_130539.jpg20180831_130644.jpgI then walked along above Par beach where there were a moderate number of people….20180831_131244.jpgand which is actually very nice with high quality fine white sand if you don’t mind the houses directly overlooking the beach and the China Clay Works at the far end.20180831_131416.jpgAt this point there is quite a diversion through Par itself to get round the Works. The first bit however is along a river, the Par or Luxulyan, starting at the beach car park where I learned that the river actually contains sea trout, flounder and, from fairly recent times after historic pollution, salmon.20180831_131915.jpg20180831_133740.jpgThere were several accesses onto the beach as well as from the car park and with dunes at the back it is all quite pleasant.20180831_133117.jpg20180831_132117.jpg20180831_132233.jpg20180831_132544.jpgThe Works itself is still operational and of course China clay is still used in many industries. 20180831_135514.jpg20180831_140131.jpgAnyway you are soon past all Industry and back to what the Path is all about…sand, sea, views…here the approach to Carlyon Bay…20180831_140728.jpgand flowers…20180831_133146.jpgThe next little bit of the walk – it seems quite lengthy when doing it- is alongside the renowned Carlyon Bay Golf Club where ex European Tour golfer Mark Rowe is the professional. This really did make me want to pick up my golf clubs again! 20180831_140808.jpgSome pretty views of the beach…20180831_141031.jpg20180831_142258.jpgand loads of sloes (we weren’t quite sure) and had no bag to collect. At this point F. had walked out from the golf club house to meet me….20180831_143847.jpgF. had already had a nice half-hour enjoying a cup of tea on the beach here which is extensive and fairly quiet. It is composed of three different stretches and all is made up with a waste product from the china clay Industry called stent. It looks fantastic.20180831_144256.jpgMy need though was a pint in the club house overlooking the magnificent first and eighteenth tees. Great!20180831_145641.jpg

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