Our garden through Spring……

20190520_120443 copy.jpgAs we are to move to Cheshire, it’s nice to have a record of our splendid garden coming into its own from the very beginning of the year…there are great views from all windows and angles, and something of interest at all times of year.20190101_155343 copy.jpg20190109_142653 copy.jpg20190131_162907 copy.jpg20190220_144243 copy.jpg20190316_093432 copy.jpeg20190329_163254 copy.jpeg20190329_183250 copy.jpg20190403_120310 copy.jpg20190403_120318 copy.jpg20190403_120342 copy.jpg20190403_120423 copy.jpg20190410_111521 copy.jpg20190412_144818 copy.jpg20190412_145250 copy.jpg20190412_153449 copy.jpg20190417_132205 copy.jpg20190423_153326 copy.jpg20190423_153335 copy.jpg20190423_153404 copy.jpg20190423_153430 copy.jpg20190423_153450 copy.jpg20190502_142325 copy.jpeg20190502_142436 copy.jpg20190511_123315 copy.jpg20190511_123322 copy.jpg20190513_101704 copy.jpeg20190518_105509 copy.jpg20190518_105608 copy.jpg20190519_175620 copy.jpeg20190519_175628 copy.jpeg20190520_120541 copy.jpg20190520_120712 copy.jpg20190520_120723 copy.jpgAnd of course when we walk our local lanes in Spring there is a profusion of flowers, the early snowdrops then the primroses and all the rest. Also, on our bus route into Looe there is a magnificent and extensive display of bluebells. Who could ask for more?

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